[Love Life and Lose Weight] 55: 55: Secrets to Eating Less and Feeling Satisfied

In this episode, I teach you some techniques for how to eat less and feel satisfied with less. For most of us, this means changing your habit of how you determine what is enough food that still allows you to lose weight without feeling restricted. 

Our old habits of determining what is enough food is usually using visual estimations of what is enough like preportioning or using a certain sized plate or bowl. Or, we are waiting to feel physical fullness (stretching in the stomach) as a cue for when to stop eating. These methods not a reliable or effective ways to determine how much food is enough to lose weight AND also represents enough to feel emotionally satisfied.  

Listen in and take notes on the full 6 step protocol for how to eat less and feel satisfied or visit me on the Instagram reel to grab the steps. The link is below. 


  1. What exactly does it feel like when you’ve eaten to completely full, 10 out 10 parts full? 
  2. What does it feel like when you are done eating a meal that will maintain your weight?
  3. What does it feel like when you are done eating a meal that is physically enough food, but a number of bites less than you would typically eat to maintain? 
  4. What does it feel like when you are done eating a meal that isn’t enough food physically? 
  5. Why do you suppose you might have resistance to eating a little bit less? What is you worried about if you have in fact, eaten enough food physically to 7/10ths full?
  6. For your answer to number five, what can you do to anticipate this need and meet it ahead of time knowing you will feel this way when you practice eating to 7/10th full?

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 How amazing would it be to feel confident and clear about your eating during the week, on weekends, and even while traveling or during the holidays.

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