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I help women over 40 reach their goal weight and maintain it for life without relying on unsustainable programs or calorie restriction.

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I've taught hundreds of readers how to lose weight by designing their own program that work with their lifestyle & preferences. 

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I am a multi-certified coach and a master's level educator who has used my own strategies to lose weight since 2016. 

My Story

I had always carried extra weight, even when I was a teenager. I never understood why my friends could eat so much junk food and stay thinner than me. So, from the time I was 17, I became an expert at eating 'healthy,' counting my calories, and working out.  

Despite all that, by the time I was in my 40's, I found myself weighing in at over 170 pounds as a small-framed 5'4" woman who never ate fast food, was a vegan, & worked out daily. I was not addicted to food or a binge-eater. I wondered what was wrong with me? As far as I could tell, I was doing everything right. So, I tried harder. 

So, in 2014 I started a public weight loss experiement on my wellness blog which would be the accountability I needed to do weight loss perfectly. I meal planned like a maniac, counted every single calorie, cooked all my food from scratch, did Zumba, ran, and did crossfit-style group training. I lost 18 pounds over 8 months. By month 9 I watched helplessly as I regained all the weight I had lost even though I was eating even less, and working out even harder.


When a weight loss 'expert' told me to just eat less and exercise harder something inside me rose up and said, never again. 

It turned out that the most embarassing public humiliation of my life was also the wake up call of my life...because I knew in my bones that no one was capable of trying ANY harder than me.

It couldn't be my fault. Maybe me and most women like me were just doing weight loss wrong. 

Since 2016, I've dedicated my life to figuring out WHY so many women like me gain weight in their 40's and can't lose it by restricting calories. When I finally understood what was REALLY going on with my body, my food, and my beliefs about weight loss, I finally understood my weight loss struggle and why it wasn't my fault. I want that for you, too. 

I figured out how to utilize weight loss strategies that work for normal women like me live at their goal weight for life without ever counting calories, overexercising, or overexercising again. 

In the process, I lost that extra weight, reversed my fatty liver (NAFLD), and lowered my prediabetic fasting blood sugars back into the normal range. Today, I am a multiple-certified weight loss coach and I hold a Master in Education degree. 

More than that, I live this lifestyle and bring real-world experience and integrity to my weight loss practice. I have dedicated my life to teaching women over 40 everywhere how to take weight loss off thier to-do list once and for all. 

If my story resonates with you and this sounds like the missing link you've been looking for take my FREE Weight Loss Course for women over 40. 

I can help you. 


Woo-hoo! I have been looking for the missing piece forever...I got a glimpse of it a few years ago when I cut everything out and saw how I was using sugar to cope, but without a long term solution I just went back to bad habits. Now for the real work; this has been an answer to prayer.


I will say this has been working for me! Pants size has gone from a 6-8 to a 2. I am able to fast from 7pm thru 1:30 pm…Not feeling bloated ever! I’ve lost about 10 pounds.


When I first met Heather, I told her: “I've tried EVERYTHING to lose weight.” I was wrong. Heather guided me through her very unique process of becoming aware of the reasons WHY I overeat, and how to begin to identify and change the behaviors that are causing me to overeat. After working with Heather, I no longer spin in confusion and helplessness. I feel a real sense of control. Seeing the numbers go down on the scale and on my measuring tape is so exciting! I highly recommend Heather as your coach. She is bright, warm, and incredibly trustworthy–and this girl knows her stuff!!!


I have struggled for almost 2 years with unexplained weight gain and sheer exhaustion which led to a state of depression. I was down to eating about 700 calories a day…I had fluid in my legs and a distended abdomen that made me look like I was 3-4 months pregnant. In just 7 short days, I have done a complete 180º turnaround. The fluid in my legs and abdomen is totally gone. In fact, I went out last evening and wore a favorite pair of pants I haven’t been able to wear in over two years! My energy is back to what it used to be and I feel like myself again! Thanks for all you do!


How do I work with Heather in her Worth The Weight Program?

A 6-week course + coaching that teaches you how to lose weight for YOU–your body, your lifestyle, and your eating preferences. 


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