Lose weight without restriction, for life.

Quit overeating and start losing weight eating the foods you love by changing your habits and beliefs around food.

Lose weight AND love your life

on the way to goal weight and beyond

I know why you’re overweight and can’t keep it off. It’s not about some deep, dark character flaw. And it’s definitely NOT about eating virtuously, either. Sustainable weight loss is about learning new habits and beliefs around food. It’s also about learning how to quit overeating as a coping strategy for life. If you’ve been dieting for decades and want to crack the code for sustainable weight loss AND learn how to LOVE your life on the way to goal weight, this book was written for you.

Ready to escape from the cult of diet mentality

and start rebuilding a food lifestyle you love?

Yes, you CAN lose weight eating the foods you love. You just need a plan, and some common sense guidance. If you are finally done with dieting for good and want to learn how to fall back in love with life on the journey to goal weight and beyond, join me.

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It's possible

Never worry about what to eat again

 How amazing would it be to feel confident and clear about your eating during the week, on weekends, and even while traveling or during the holidays.

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