Hi, I'm Heather 

I help women over 40 reach their goal weight & be able to maintain it for life without relying on unsustainable programs or calorie restriction.

Certified Weight Loss Coach 

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My Story

This photo was taken ten years ago. What the photo doesn’t show is that I was 41 eating 500 calories a day for 4 months. My hair fell out, my hormones tanked, and I went into premature menopause. My thyroid also slowed and my adrenals crashed.

Words cannot describe my level of fear (that I had done irreversible damage to my metabolism) and misery of severe hot flashes and months of no sleep. Zero energy. Zero self love. I was chasing a number on the scale in order to find happiness and healing. That’s when my journey began.

More than ten years later—I’ve reversed prediabetes and fatty liver, I’m enjoying the best sex of my life, I’ve quit drinking alcohol by choice, and I created my second act professionally. At age 50 I got married and landed my dream job.

Learn from me: you can learn to love yourself as you lose weight without deprivation.

I work one on one with with thirty five women weekly teaching them No BS Weightloss that works AND I help them do what I did: define the life you want and make it happen. To learn how take the FREE Weighloss Course  HERE. You will have an opportunity to join the No BS Membership after a few days.

If you have questions, DM me on Instagram. I currently only work with new clients in the No BS membership. Where will you be in ten years if you keep doing what you’re already doing?

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Cindy NireNberg

When I first met Heather, I told her: “I've tried EVERYTHING to lose weight.” I was wrong. Heather guided me through her very unique process of becoming aware of the reasons WHY I overeat, and how to begin to identify and change the behaviors that are causing me to overeat. After working with Heather, I no longer spin in confusion and helplessness. I feel a real sense of control. Seeing the numbers go down on the scale and on my measuring tape is so exciting! I highly recommend Heather as your coach. She is bright, warm, and incredibly trustworthy–and this girl knows her stuff!!!

Amy Pilato

Heather just has a way–a way of taking my whining, confusion, and overwhelm about food choices and lifestyle and utterly transforming my thinking towards empowerment. But it isn't magic. She gave me the steps to take in a clear and practical way...I can now easily fast for a full 24 hours. I don't ever feel hungry, cranky, or deprived about food. And if I do fall off the wagon, her coaching, and her ability to teach me how to coach myself is priceless. Because when it's all said and done, you have to get your thinking on point or your mind will run the show for the rest of your life. The first week I lost weight, but I also had, and still have energy levels that I thought were a thing of the past. This girl knows her stuff and she's not afraid to tell you what's up! 

Tia Ristaino Siegel

Woo-hoo! I have been looking for the missing piece forever...I got a glimpse of it a few years ago when I cut everything out and saw how I was using sugar to cope, but without a long term solution I just went back to bad habits. Now for the real work; this has been an answer to prayer. 

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How do I work with Heather?

I work exclusively with members of the No BS Weighloss Membership Program who sign up for one to one coaching.