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My public weight loss fail was the key to my success

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There I was at age 43, with about 25 pounds to lose.

I thought it would be a great idea to document my weight loss publicly in a series I wrote on my wellness blog. Eight months in and shortly after I lost the 17th pound, my weight plateaued.

I worked out harder.
Ate even less.

Despite that, I watched helplessly as I inexplicably gained every pound back.

PLUS more in just 8 weeks, even though I was still hardly eating and overexercising. Eventually, I had to tell my readers that my weight loss experiment was an epic failure.

Let me tell you, that shit was embarrassing.

The Fail

I had a choice.

I could choose to believe I was incapable of weight loss, blame and judge my efforts, and roll into a ball and shut it ALL down OR…

I could admit that everything I thought I knew about what works for weight loss doesn’t fucking work; in fact, it always makes me fatter.

Being willing to fail and ADMIT what doesn’t work is what FINALLY helped me discover real answers to the weight loss I’d been working so hard at but never getting anywhere.

Since that moment in 2016

I have dedicated my life to figuring out the permanent solution to midlife weight loss.

…all while learning how to eat the food I love, without feeling restricted!

I learned how to not WANT to overeat anymore when I felt bad because I learned other ways to cope with life besides sauvignon blanc and oreos when shit got hard.

Let my story be the sign you've been waiting for

to give up blaming yourself and feeling like this is the ONE THING you just can't figure out. You can.

I tell you my weight loss failure story so you can see how I bring integrity, discernment, and real-world experience to my work. I have over 10,000+ hours of one-to-one coaching experience.

I’m an advanced certified weight and life coach who holds a master’s degree in education. I don’t just talk about weight loss; I work full-time as a coach. More than that, I live the lifestyle. My story is powerful proof that the diet industry is broken, and it can and will break you too, unless you are willing to leave it all behind you. We were sold a lie about weight loss that blames the dieter for a lack of self-control in a system that demonizes food as good or bad.

That can all stop for you today, too.

Let's go

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