[Love Life And Lose Weight] 34: How I Troubleshoot Weight Loss With My Clients

I generally use about six different levels to troubleshoot weight loss with my clients. I give you an overview here so you can use the same approach for yourself.

Level 1: Commit to regular weigh-ins (or data gathering (like taking measurements or gathering habit data) on the same day of the week, weekly.

Level 2: Look at the frequency of overeats. How many times over the past seven days did you overeat?  Are you aware of the cumulative overeats? Do you need to work on that awareness? 

Level 3: How many times did you eat food that was not on your plan? If more than twice a week, then make sure you plan those foods the following week.

Level 4: Look at your data for water and sleep. Ensure you get a minimum of 64 oz of water and about 7 hours of sleep.

Level 5: Do a detailed food review. We look at the data for exactly what was eaten over the last seven days. I look for evidence my client might need to adapt to eating slightly less to accommodate their new body weight, especially if they have been losing and their body is adapting to needing fewer calories because they weigh less. I also look for snacking when not hungry as a common culprit that interrupts weight loss.

Level 6: If my client still feels like overall weight loss is not working. To check to see if that perception is true; we do a year’s worth of weigh-in data. Doing this will highlight your weight loss and weight gain patterns through different parts of your year. This will show you a more nuanced story about where weight loss typically happens and when so you can understand WHY.  This allows you to troubleshoot in a targeted way to get the momentum you are looking for.

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