[Love Life And Lose Weight] 30: Performance Eating

Performance eating is a habit of eating differently in front of other people because you are conforming to your belief about how you SHOULD eat (perform with food) as opposed to how you eat differently when you are not in a social setting. 

  • If you think you performance eat, when does this tend to happen and why? 
  • How do you feel about performance eating afterward? 
  • What do you think you get out of practicing performance eating?  
  • Are there patterns of overeating that follow performance eating for you? 

Performance eating is taking actions that, at some level, we believe help keep us safe in some sense. To figure this out, ask yourself what you are getting out of your performance eating. The journal on this concept and see if you can gain some perspective on why you are performance eating. 

Once you understand why you do it, then you can work to unravel this habit by reminding yourself that safety comes from what YOU think, not other people’s opinions. It takes some practice, but with awareness and curiosity, you can change your habits of performance eating over time. 

The core tenet of intuitive eating is that we learn to trust that we can have the food we want based on our honest tastes and preferences for foods. Intuitive eating also shoes us that we can regulate our weight as long as we eat those foods by listening to our inner sense of physical hunger and satiety.

Our job is to shape the habit of our thinking to more and more support that INTERNAL process and care less and less about what others or the diet industry says we ‘should’ be doing.

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