[Love Life And Lose Weight] 27: How To Keep Your Promises To Yourself

If you have a habit of making yourself promises around your food and often feel frustrated or deflated that you break your promises, this episode will really help you start changing that.

Breaking your promises is just a habit. Take heart, because you can turn this around with a little bit of focused effort and persistence. Keeping promises is a practice which means it’s an intentional interaction with how you engage with the world where it’s never done and you never arrive. It’s the practice itself that brings the rewards in the engagement of making and keeping those promises.

Here are the six steps to help you become someone who keeps your promises:

1. Stop making shitty promises. Promises must be meaningful and logical and not an excuse to order yourself what you ‘should’ do because you don’t like who you are.
2. Get clear on the consequence of breaking the promise and the benefit of keeping it.
3. The promise must be reasonably able to be done ‘do-able.’ Gut check the promise where you give final agreement and commit to the follow through.
4. Clearly identify what will get in the way of you keeping the promise and make a plan to overcome it. (Visualize, rehearse your compelling reason, etc.)
5. Write down the goal you commit to and/or communicate your promise for accountability (if that feels motivating).
6. Define clearly how you will know when you have kept your promise (don’t leave it up to interpretation) so it is easy to validate your promises kept.

Your Coach's Homework is to journal on this question:

If you focused on being a better promise-maker and promise-keeper, how would that change your weight loss journey?

Visit me @thriveinmidlife on Instagram on the episode 27 post and comment with your ah-ha's, takeaways, homework, and/or questions from this episode, and let’s keep the conversation going. 

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