[Love Life and Lose Weight] 52: The Exact Steps To Get The Scale To Move Consistently

In this episode, I go over the main tenets of weight loss without restriction, and I give you the exact data-driven steps I use with my clients for how to get the scale to start moving consistently (or remain consistent if you are in maintenance.) If you feel like you are tired of f*cking around with your weight loss goals, this is the episode for you.

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It's possible

Never worry about what to eat again

 How amazing would it be to feel confident and clear about your eating during the week, on weekends, and even while traveling or during the holidays.

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I'm Heather Beardsley

I’m an advanced certified weight and life coach who holds a master’s degree in education. I don’t just talk about weight loss; I work full-time as a coach. More than that, I live the lifestyle. My story is powerful proof that the diet industry is broken, and it can and will break you too, unless you are willing to leave it all behind you. We were sold a lie about weight loss that blames the dieter for a lack of self-control in a system that demonizes food as good or bad. That all can stop for you today, too.