[Love Life and Lose Weight] 50: Receptivity

What I'm suggesting today is to make your relationship to receptivity an intentional component of your weight loss to help make that process easier and take less time than it has to. 

Allowing and receptivity are cousins in this regard. Limiting habits of thinking about food, indulging in doubt as to whether you can lose weight, and allowing competing priorities are just some examples that take us out of receptivity to weight loss. 

 Being receptive also includes being willing to allow the discomfort of habit change to suck and be hard, but that difficult process also creates the alchemy of change we are after. Just allowing receptivity for the process to be an intentional part of your journey will help you reach your goals. It's about opening up to the process. Let it change you, and watch everything shift in your journey. Commit yourself to getting out of the way and stop throwing resistance into the mix. 

Stay tuned for special announcements as we are now in the last few episodes of season one of the podcast! 

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