[Love Life and Lose Weight] 49: Relational Capacity

Relational capacity, as I define it describes your ability to meet your expectations of what you know you need to think, feel, and do in order to lose weight. 

Weight loss will always involve noticing what level of performance you are at; especially when you notice you did not take the desired actions you are after. Understanding these letdown moments is so much more helpful if you frame the situation in terms of where your capacity level was at that moment. 

Noticing how you aren't doing what you know you want to do will be so much more fruitful if you frame that level of performance as a capacity issue and THEN commit to slowly building your capacity with a commitment to BUILDING that capacity. 

As a coach, I so often see my clients viewing their capacity limits, for example, when they overeat pizza again on Friday night as seeming PROOF of inability, and nothing could be further from the truth. 

Instead, you can approach your current level of performance and habits around weight loss in terms of optimizing your capacity and working at the edges of where you are at. Relentlessly notice your progress and wins, and never use your current capacity against yourself and your goals and dreams. 

Coach Homework: 

  • Write about what you think is in the way of you reaching your goals? Make a list. 
  • For each item, consider where you are with relational capacity for it. 
  • Can this area be optimized with focus and practice? 
  • How exactly can you work at the edges of your current level of performance? Describe what would that would look like. Then make a plan to start this week by writing it into your weekly and daily planner. To get a copy of these planners, join the list.  

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