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Keto Lemonade

I drink my Keto Lemonade from a glass Ball 24 oz. wide mouth drinking mug. I also always a wide stainless steel straw that seems to help me get the most water down for every sip I take. This straw does a great job of stirring up my Keto Lemonade so the salt is dissolved quickly. 


  • 20 oz. of water spring, distilled, or reverse osmosis are great
  • small pinch of Celtic Sea Salt
  • a squeeze of fresh lemon juice to taste

optional additions:

  • if you prefer your keto lemonade lightly sweetened add a few natural Stevia Drops I like the lemon flavor 
  • if you feel that you are extremely dehydrated or even hung over add 1 serving 40 drops of LyteShow Electrolyte Drops (no carb, all natural, no sugar added) 


  • Add ice cubes to a 20 oz. glass. Squeeze in lemon juice and add salt & optional stevia &/or electrolyte drops. Add water to fill and stir well with your straw or alternately use a glass with a lid, cover and shake well to dissolve salt and combine all of the ingredients.