Lose those stubborn extra pounds, banish cravings, and get your energy back without restriction or hunger!

The 30 Day Keto Transformation Program is your solution to finally get control of your weight & health in midlife. 



Here's what's included:

How to determine your macros


Learn what macros are and they are KEY to reaching your goals. Learn how to calculate personalized macros that are right for your body, your lifestyle, & your personal goals. 

How to reach ketosis


A foolproof system to get into ketosis. How to know you are in ketosis, how to test your blood sugar & ketones plus recommended equipment. 

Intermittent fasting


Why keto helps decrease hunger and increase feelings of fullness. What intermittent fasting is, why it helps you burn fat, and how to do it. 

Tips & tricks for eating out


Traveling or eat out a lot? No problem! Tricks and tips for ordering keto in restaurants, easy ideas & what to avoid. 

Keto for long term health


The latest research findings about how a keto lifestyle can help you avoid chronic diseases when followed long-term to help get you motivated. 


Program Guide - 25 pages of essential information on how to transform with keto PLUS an action items checklist to make sure you are organized and on track for success!

Suggested Meals (with macros already calculated) PLUS weekly shopping lists for 30 days of clean keto eating - just print & go to the grocery store.   

Recipe Guide includes all of the recipes in your suggested meals for 30 full days of clean keto eating - print out and keep in your kitchen. 


FOUR BONUS handouts to help you rock your transformation 

I designed these super-helpful handouts for my one-on-one coaching clients to help answer the most common keto questions & to help them avoid making the most common keto mistakes. You get them for FREE with your purchase. 

1. Keto & Alcohol (plus 5 keto cocktail recipes)

2. Keto & Digestion

3. Keto Snacks

4. Keto Tips & Tricks for Weight Loss.



Lifetime access to the Heather Beardsley

Keto Coaching Facebook Page

Join other program participants on the Facebook page and chat about your experience with other keto enthusiasts, ask questions of me, and find the support and resources you may need during your 30 day transformation & beyond. 


OPTIONAL add-on ($75 value)

One 20 minute one-on-one phone coaching session with me 

I am available to help you if  you need some one-to-one guidance. Tried keto before and need to do some troubleshooting? Add-on this service to your program and get one 20-minute call with me to get help with your program &/or get your personal questions answered to support you as you go through the program.

OPTIONAL add-on ($150 value)

35 days of live group coaching while doing the program September 22-Oct. 25th 

You will be able to message me, ask questions, and get support in my private client management system called BETTER for 35 days from the date of purchase. Add-on this service to get unlimited group coaching support as you go through your program. This group coaching option is ONLY offered three times per year. Doors close after September 22nd and it won't be offered again until the New year.


Grab this limited time launch price only available until September 22nd! 


Choose Your Bundle Below



  • The Complete program includes all of the following:
  • Program Guide
  • Action Items Checklist
  • 4 weeks of Suggested Meals (with macros) + 4 Weekly Shopping lists +Recipe Guide
  • Facebook page access 
  • All 4 BONUS handouts



25 minute one-on-one coaching call


  • The Complete Program
  • Plus one 25 Minute One-On-One Coaching Call. This call must be scheduled within 35 days of purchase. A $75 stand alone value. 


About the Author

Hi, I'm Heather.

Maybe you will recognize yourself in my story.   

I have always exercised more and 'eaten better' than everyone I know, and yet I was always a little heavier (especially in my stomach area) than I wanted to be. But, I had my tricks to maintain my weight (more or less) so I just figured that's the way things were for me.

Then at the age of 46; I watched helplessly as I gained 18 pounds in 4 months even though I was exercising harder and eating less than I EVER have! I was searching the internet desperate for the answers that my doctor could not give me when I discovered I had all of the symptoms of insulin resistance: 

  • unexplained weight gain primarily in the midsection
  • big dips in energy
  • constant hunger that sometimes would result in shakiness and weakness
  • brain fog and stumbling over my words
  • elevated fasting blood sugar

I discovered that a low carb approach to eating and exercise are what doctors recommend for reversing insulin resistance. I had figured out that my body had never really been able to handle a typical carb-heavy American diet, and that's why I always carried those extra pounds in my middle. I educated myself about keto including all the newest emerging science. Since then Keto has helped me lose those 18 pounds and keep them off without hunger or deprivation. I also reduced my average fasting blood sugars by 35 points. In the process I became a keto expert by sharing my experience & knowledge online by teaching others how keto works and how to do it themselves. I now specialize in creating DIY keto weight management & health programs, because I believe a healthy lifestyle should be accessible to everyone. 

I have a master’s degree in Education and I’m a certified health coach with a specialty in Fitness Nutrition. I have a passion for teaching & empowering others to take control of their weight & health. I created this program so that you don’t have to make the same mistakes or take as long as I did to experience all of the benefits of eating a whole-foods based ketogenic diet. 

Today, you can find all kinds of keto programs being touted by famous internet food guru celebrities who have hitched their carts to the popular keto movement. Do you want to learn keto from someone who has never struggled with insulin resistance or carbohydrate intolerance? Of course not. I have been where you are, struggled with being overweight, and learned what works!  I fiercely believe in the power of food and sensible exercise to heal insulin resistant bodies and control weight without hunger, and I believe YOU can learn how to eat keto too! 

Is This Program Right For You?

Who is this for

  • Generally healthy adults. 
  • Those who have 5-35 pounds of weight to lose.
  • Those who are ready to take action NOW and fully commit to 30 days of changing the way they eat to see what health improvements are possible for you. 
  • Those who are sick and tired of exercising more and eating less and seeing no results in the way they look and feel.
  • Those who are self-starters and have had previous success following a program and enjoy the challenge of working independently to implement the program.  

Who is this not for

  • Those who have a genetic propensity for high cholesterol, or chronic conditions like impaired functioning of the kidneys, gall bladder, pancreas or liver or those with type 1 diabetes. 
  • Those with a history of disordered or compulsive eating.
  • Those with a lingering fear of eating fat. 
  • Those who are thinking about making changes to your health, but aren't quite ready to jump in and implement those changes. No matter how good this program is, if you aren't ready to take action you will not be successful.  
  • Those who need the one on one accountability of a coach in order to implement healthy lifestyle changes. This is a do-it-yourself program.  

Get your health transformed in 30 days.

Your satisfaction with your 30 Day Keto Transformation Program is important to me. I offer a 30 day refund on the complete program with documented written proof that you have followed the program guidelines. Journaling your progress is part of the program, so this is easy to do. Try this 30 Day Keto Transformation Program risk free for 30 days from the purchase date and if you do not see health improvements just send me a message along with documentation and I'll refund your money. 


What People Are Saying...



“In just 7 short days I have done a complete 180º! The fluid in my legs and abdomen are gone–really! In fact I went out last evening, for the first time in MONTHS and wore a favorite pair of pants I haven't worn in over two YEARS! My energy is back to what it used to be and I feel like myself again!”

Karen C. 



“Heather's done intensive research into all things ketogenic. She knows how to get results whether that is healing the body or losing the weight. I can now easily fast for a full 24 hours. I don't ever feel hungry, cranky, or deprived about food and her keto meals make me feel that I'm not missing anything. And if I do fall off the keto wagon, her coaching and her ability to help me coach myself is priceless. The first week I lost weight but I also had (and still have) energy that I thought was a thing of the past. It's been empowering for me because at 45, things started to change and feel out of control. Working with Heather has been such a blessing to me.”

Amy P. 



My stats are not super specific but, I will say this has been working for me. Pants size has gone from a 6-8 to a 2. I am able to fast from 7pm thru 1:30 pm...Not feeling bloated ever, that’s so nice. I feel like I’ve lost about 10 pounds. 

Alicia W.


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How can I get a refund?

How does the 35 days of group coaching work?

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